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* 100% Live Operator Answering.              

Every call is greeted by an actual operator; not an automated greeting.

* 24/7 Management / Supervisor Support.

We are always available for any concern that arises.

* Advanced call Scripting.

 Each call is different, so why ask the same questions.

* Alternate Power Supply.  

Power outages? No worries, our backup generator and UPS keeps us running.

* Appointment Scheduling.      

We can do the work for you; verbally call, text or email your patients.

* Automated call Attendant.    

Automated greetings are available upon request.

* Automated On-Call Rosters.     

No need to email, call or fax your calendar; send us a link for online access.

* Call Verification.

Are you missing calls? Call verification ensures every call is returned.

* Code Stemi/Stat/Medication/Lab Protocol.

Different protocols for all types of calls.

*​ Customized Contact Instructions.

Contacting on-calls can be customized to each person’s need.

* Customized Relay Instructions.  

Relay instructions can be customized to your needs.

* Detailed Reports.  

Trying to decide what report you need in the CLIENT PORTAL? Call us we will provide it for you.

* Digital Call Logging.        

All calls are recorded for later retrieval.

* Doctors Only Check-In Line.      

Easy to remember; one number to reach us.

* Group Email Accounts.  

Do you have an email distribution list? We can program everyone to receive messages.

* Group Email and Text Message Delivery.   

Email and text multiple on-call personnel at the same time.

* Helpful Staff.                          

Have you heard “I can't” or “We can't do that”? Not in our vocabulary.

* HIPAA/HITECH Compliant.      

Privacy is a must in our business and all employees sign a confidentiality agreement.

* Members (SCMGMA).  

We stay abreast of medical news and networking in the community.

* Message Delivery by Email/Fax or Both.

You decide what delivery works best for your office; email, fax or both.

* Monthly On-Call Schedule Reminders.     

Did someone forget to forward the on-call schedule; it’s ok we will remind you.

* Multiple Message Dispatch.    

Do on-calls want to be called and texted? We can do both.

* Multiple Office Network Capability.    

We have multiple offices with backup network capabilities.

* Multiple On-Call Dispatch.

Is there a need for multiple on-calls by hospitals and or outpatient calls?

* Office Directions Given.  

Not only can we give the address, we give directions.

* On-Call Schedule Programming.

NO NEED FOR CLIENT PORTAL! We enter the on-call calendar for you.

* Paging Message Delivery.  

Yes, some on-calls still carry pagers & our technology is still capable of paging them.

* Patching.

Connecting callers directly to you.

* Professional Image.

We are professionals and strive to provide that image on all calls. Hear the smile in our voices.

* Quick Customer Service Response Time.

Do you often need answers to a question or concern? We are here 24/7.

* Receptionist Service 24/7.  

Having difficulty finding someone to answer the phone? Let us be your receptionist.

* Reminder Calls.

We can remind personnel of meetings and or doctor’s schedules.

* Remote Forwarding.

Obtain from your phone company and provide us the code, we do the forwarding for you.

* Secure Message Encryption Application.

Download our app. for your office and or on-call personnel use.

* SMS Messaging.    

Quick SMS (short message service) to your cell phone.

* Stability (Established in 1988).  

Locally owned and operated for over 30 years, still serving our very first customer.

* Strict Emergency Call Screening.

We screen the calls for you and only contact on-call personnel for emergencies.

* Text Messaging Inbound / Outbound.

We text the message and you reply back; it’s as simple as that.

* Verbal Message Delivery.  

No need for technology.  We will call you and deliver the message verbally.

* Wake-Up Calls.      

Hard time waking up after being on-call all night; we will call you until we reach you.

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